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H Bar H Turf Farms

At H Bar H Turf Farms we offer a variety of turf grasses to meet your specific needs. We grow both warm and cool season grasses. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to help you determine what turfgrass is most suitable for your location.

Legacy BuffalograssLegacy Buffalograss, a turf-type seedless variety developed by the University of Nebraska, has changed the way people look at buffalograss turf. Legacy’s soft, narrow blade make the turf an ideal choice for lawn activities. It has a dark blue-green color and the quality of Legacy Buffalograss surpasses all other types of vegetative and seeded buffalograss in performance test trials. You can now order Legacy buffalograss plugs online. More about Legacy Buffalograss»

Prairie BuffalograssPrairie Buffalograss is a native warm season grass whose adaptability range runs from Mexico to Canada. It's noted for its naturalizing appearance yet produces a thick turf carpet. The light green, dense and fine textured turf is propagated by turf or plugs. Prairie Buffalograss spreads faster, is denser, and creates a more uniform quality turf than other commercially available seeded Buffalograss cultivars. Buffalograss has gained popularity because of its low water requirement. We grow the popular cultivars Prairie Buffalograss. As a female selection, Prairie, is low growing producing no pollen or seed heads. Frequent mowings are unnecessary unless a tightly cropped appearance is desired. Prairie Buffalograss is fine bladed, soft and cuts easily without clogging mowers or creating thatch. Prairie Buffalograss should be grown in full sun with little watering and fertilizing. Although, adaptable to a wide geographical region, Prairie Buffalograss performs best in tight or clay type soils. More about Prairie Buffalograss»

Hybrid BermudagrassAs a favorite warm season variety, Hybrid Bermudagrass has many outstanding features.It has no equal for its ability to recover from heavy use during hot weather and it is the top choice for summer sports use. Hybrid Bermudagrass is an attractive, deep green turfgrass that can be mowed short, is both drought and heat tolerant and has moderate water requirements. It is a good choice for rapid establishment and minimal weed competition. The Hybrid Bermudagrass turf is very dense, quick to establish and adaptable to all soil conditions. Hybrid Bermudagrasses are vegetatively propagated which helps to minimize any pollen production thus reducing hayfever or allergy irritations. More about Hybrid Bermudagrass»


Frontier FescueFrontier Fescue, a narrow-bladed, cool season turf-type tall Fescue, is a specific blend grown by H BAR H TURF FARMS that is sturdy enough to survive hot temperatures and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. This turfgrass maintains a beautiful hearty green color almost the entire year and does extremely well in shaded areas and in direct sunlight. It is a specific blend of proven varieties that offer uniformity, durability and disease resistance. These characteristic strengths assure you of a very adaptable turfgrass. More about Frontier Fescue»

Kentucky BluegrassTriple Crown Bluegrass forms a high quality turf because of its fine, soft, glossy green leaves that cut cleanly when mowed. Bluegrass develops a dense, true sod from rhizomes but doesn't spread aggressively into unwanted areas. It is best adapted to the northern part of the transition zone. The turf canopy is soft, yet durable and can repair itself from moderate injury. The tightness of the canopy does tend to produce some thatch. H BAR H TURF FARMS grows a special blend of improved Kentucky Bluegrass varieties called Triple Crown Bluegrass. More about Triple Crown Bluegrass»